Real Estate

The Firm’s Real Estate Division is led by Ms. Ann Choo. Together with Puan Nur Suaidah, as junior partner, our team has consistently been at the forefront of the development and construction in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, being involved in a broad spectrum of work with regards to personal and collective property transactions as well as development projects.

Brick by Brick,
Stone by Stone

Representing public listed companies, banking institutions, leading developers as well as private individuals, our Real Property team has an immense understanding of the industry and the objectives of each party. Our lawyers are constantly keeping up-to-date with State and local authority requirements, ensuring that each transaction is completed smoothly. Over the years, the Firm has handled numerous, commercial and industrial projects, including international coastal resorts.

Services We Provide

Our services encompass:

  • Development and construction joint ventures
  • Due diligence on property
  • Leasing, tenanting and licensing of residential and commercial property
  • Property development projects
  • Sale and acquisition of individual and en bloc property as well as land

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