Building the World

Construction and Development

Construction is one of the cornerstones of human society and development. It is an ancient human activity, created purely out of the functional need to protect us against the environment and to moderate the effects of climate - the sun, rain and wind.

Today, construction is a significant part of human industry. Manufacturing plants, power stations, mega hydroelectric dams, solar and wind farms, 800-metre buildings. Instead of sheltering from the elements, humans have evolved and learned to harvest them. Indeed, the sky's the limit.
Property development, construction and infrastructure in Malaysia are vibrant sectors. As a developing nation, these sectors continue to drive the Malaysian economy and create a wealth of career opportunities.

In order for the construction and property development industry to continue to thrive in Malaysia, it requires a robust yet dynamic statutory framework, which our legislative arms seeks to achieve through statutes forming the foundationational support such as the  Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 and the Town and Country Planning Act 1976, to innovative and forward thinking laws like the Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012.