Joint Effort

Corporation and Co-operation

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In its 2020 Doing Business Report, the World Bank ranked Malaysia 12th amongst 190 global economies for ease of doing business, and 2nd in South East Asia.

Malaysia has attracted more than 5,000 foreign companies from more than 40 different countries to establish their operations locally.

Among the many factors that contribute to the attractiveness of Malaysia as a business hub for many of these corporations are: 

  1. Language - English is widely spoken and is a compulsory academic subject. This makes it easier for foreign businesses to develop and integrate local talent with their global resources.
  2. Ownership - Foreign investors are allowed to fully own companies.
  3. Natural and human resources - Malaysia has an abundant supply of natural resources and also a highly-skilled labour force. 


South East Asia is a booming region with a growing population of over 650 million. Malaysia is well-positioned to not only capitalise on its unique position in this growing regional economy, but to even pioneer it.